Agnosco is India's first cryptocurrency and cryptoassets focused investment fund.


We mean to appreciate value!

Agnosco is a Nikoin fund. Agnosco is actively working on appreciating this fund, by trading and investing the gains.

Agnosco is India’s first cryptocurrency & cryptoassets focused investment fund, which is exclusively being capitalising and investing in blockchain-oriented startups and cryptocurrencies.

What we do

Investment Philosophy

We seek to identify assets whose prices differ materially from our estimate of intrinsic value, based on through-the-cycle, normalised cash flows and earnings, and where we think that there is a catalyst for the asset’s price to revert to our estimate of intrinsic value over the medium term. However, when using a valuation-driven asset picking process, we acknowledge the risk of investing in so-called value traps and seek to mitigate this risk by focusing on catalysts, downside risk, technology behind, value proposition and development team, and taking all of these factors into account when considering portfolio construction.
Identifying and taking advantage of economic cycles and market trends is an important contributor to the generation of superior long term and short term investment returns, and is complementary to bottom-up research. However, cycles and trends are often unpredictable and are subject to change. Therefore the risk of being wrong must be acknowledged and managed.
The market is right most of the time, but regular inefficiencies arise in the short term. Shorter term inefficiencies may present trading opportunities, irrespective of a asset’s intrinsic value. These opportunities often arise due to large flows of capital, news flow and emotions, structural inefficiencies, development actions, and other special situations or events.